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The opportunity to profit during Q4 is HUGE! Q4 can be SO big in fact that hundreds of sellers in our community report the same problem -

"I run out of money before I run out of deals!"

THIS is the Q4 thrill ride you've been waiting for!

Barrington On Stage At CES IV Talking About The Incredible Q4 Opportunity

– & the $100k testimonial captured live –

Here's how it works

Finding highly profitable inventory to flip online during Q4 is probably the world's easiest business model. The deals are EVERYWHERE – so much so, that for the past few years "sharing deals" has become a trend among our audience.

The obvious question is...

Why waste time tracking down great deals yourself?

For example, if I'm at a retail store and I spot a $10 toy that's selling fast on Amazon for $97, I'm going to buy them all up right? Wouldn't it be cool though to then let a small select group of other sellers know about the same deal so they can get in on it too - in their town (or online?)

Understandably, you don't want to share your "deals" and finds with thousands of other sellers, but hopefully you can see the HUGE benefit of having a small group of sellers interacting with each other sharing the great deals they are finding online and in retail stores during Q4.

That's what ProvenQ4Plan is all about. It makes Q4 a thrill ride instead of a guessing game.

Barrington Discusses Q4 At CES IV

– including testimonial of $100k on one product [@ 7:04] –

How does it work?

We'll assign you to a group of 50 or fewer of your fellow Amazon sellers, and assign a handful of moderators to your group so you can source unique, fast moving, profitable deals - and all you do is watch the great advice pour in...and ideally as you are shopping yourself for Q4, you share deals that you can't possibly "buy out" all by yourself.

We'll also train you how to interact with those in your group to ensure maximum benefit from the experience.

Even if you barely use this service for more than a couple days, it will easily pay for itself many times over.

Evidence? Those who did this with us last year are returning in DROVES!

What do others say?

What else do you get?

  • You'll also get our full "What was hot last year" list which BY ITSELF is worth thousands because it tells you EXACTLY what high profit, fast moving products you should be sourcing for Q4 in 2016!
  • We'll have live webinars where we all come together for instruction and encouragement during Q4
  • You'll be in the company of "greatness" because each group we set up will have a handful of PROVEN Q4 ROCK STARS leading the group. Get ready to build life long friendships and partnerships with great Amazon sellers

Screen Shot Of Group Interaction


You'll kick yourself if you miss this!
Hang on - it's going to be a wild ride in Q4!

JimCockrum250h"Lance and Barrington are two rock stars of Q4 results. This investment in your Amazon business WILL more than pay for itself in the first few minutes - and the rest will be 'gravy' as Lance likes to say. This is a great 4th quarter investment for any Amazon seller!"

–Jim Cockrum

What our new members are saying

This is my 2nd Q4, and my first time in a group like this. The number of deals already shared in my group has far surpassed my hopes! I've already stocked up on one item and when just 8 of these items sell, my entire fee for membership in the group will be covered! These items should hit the FBA warehouses in the next couple of days. In addition, I've received coaching about being approved in a few categories that I never would have attempted. Already approved in one, and expecting my remaining approvals any day now. Not only that, but I've made some very valuable connections with some very cool Amazon Rockstars!

Thank you for offering these groups!

– Jeanie

My business has seen growth just by being a part of what Lance and his partner (Barrington) created. Like-minded individuals that wanted to be successful in their business surrounded me. My goal was accomplished!

–Jeremy L.

Next Thursday when I get my payout I would like to donate to give away a seat in the mobile group. I know it will benefit the right minded person to make Q4 happen for them and much needed momentum to crush 2016 as well.

–Eric L.

2015 was my second Q4 and I made a lot of mistakes for my first Q4, in 2014. The game-changer for me, was being a part of the Q4 groups! The webinars, the What's App, and Facebook groups we phenomenal. Being a part of a team of people who genuinely wanted to help your business succeed really made the difference. Being able to used the knowledge, tips, and BOLO's unselfishly shared, help me double my revenue from my first Q4. I would highly recommend participation in this Q4 program!

- Talisha D.

Thanks for all the great information. I will have to listen to it a couple of times and take notes. Joining this group was the best decision I made to push to the next level. Thanks all of you for putting all this info together. I know it takes work and time. Really appreciate it.

–Claudia S.

Barrington McIntosh and Lance Wolf - this webinar was fantastic!! This webinar alone was worth the price of this course! Thank you guys so much!! So many questions answered!!

–Linda K.

Thanks for doing that webinar. It was beyond fabulous!! I learned a lot and can't go to bed because I'm reading links to what I heard on the webinar. I think sleep is over rated anyway. LOL

–Pat P.

Lance Wolf it was one of the most content filled webinars I've ever attended and I've attended A LOT of webinars! Great job!! THANK YOU!!

–Sharon W.

Lance and Barrington -thanks for an amazing webinar! I left it amped and ready to buy/sell/buy!! Great info and thanks for creating these amazing groups! Just feeling so grateful tonight!

–Mary M.


Q: Is this international?
A: Yes. Anyone anywhere can do this as long as they have an Internet connection because most of the deals are online. While a lot of the stores mentioned are in the US, we had quite a few international members last year who benefitted from our program. Most of the toys that are popular during the holiday season in the US were also wildly popular in the UK, so they were able to take advantage of that knowledge and buy locally in the UK and made great profits. We also plan on having a UK group this year.

Q: I’m new to selling on Amazon, can I still do this?
A: Maybe. You’ll need to get your Amazon account set up quickly in order to take full advantage of these groups.

Q: Do I need a smart phone in order to participate?
A: Yes & No. Yes, you need a smart phone to participate in the mobile groups - real-time sharing. No, you do not need one for the webinars.

Q: Why do we have 50 people in each group?
A: We found 50 to be the optimum number to ensure a fantastic experience for everyone involved. 50 is enough to keep the deal sharing "pipeline" full, but not too many to negatively impact the opportunity.

Q: Will I be notified when the 50 person group created?
A: Yes. We will notify you via email. After purchase, look for the email sign up box on the thank you page.

Q: What's the process like when it starts running?
A: You will receive notifications through the WhatsApp group as members post deals for each other to check out.

Q: Does the group continue after Q4?
A: We will no longer support the groups after Q4, but the relationships and partnerships you will inevitably form during Q4 will continue if you want them to - that’s entirely up to you.


Proven Online Sourcing Strategies

Leverage the power of the groups by learning to source profitable inventory online
– then share the discoveries within your group.

  • Arbitrage, Source Types, Budget
  • Graph Analysis, Tracking
  • Tracking, Extensions, Saving
  • Minimizing Cost, Rabbit Trails, & More

of training on practical
and profitable strategies
for online sourcing.

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